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Shopping Your Spa Cover

Shopping Your Hot Tub Cover With Custom Spa Cover

Buying a spa cover is a great purchase. Therefore, do not shop just by selecting the cheapest cover

Instead, choose a spa cover according to your usage. This will help you determine the thickness you need.

We don’t usually compare apples and oranges. Therefore, when you compare one competitor to another, it must be done fairly. Here are some things to consider: Product Quality, Delivery, foams thickness, the thickness of plastic that covers the foam, the available options to improve the cover, warranties, service before, during, and after the sale, etc.

To help you make the right choice:

1) Are you moving and you need a cover for the new owner: You can select the basic model, the Sirocco.

2)  You use your spa all year round: the Bora or the Blizzard would be the best choice.

3)  For indoor spas or those who are sheltered in a shed, go ahead with the Chinook.

To see the different characteristics between our models, click here

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