Made to Measure Replacement Hot Tub Covers

Here are the available covers. Those standard covers can be upgraded during the ordering process.

Custom Spa Covers - Hot Tub Covers

Name Sirocco Chinook Bora Blizzard    
Taper 3"x2" 4"x3" 5"x4" 6"x4"    
Density 1.5 lbs 1.5 lbs 1.5 lbs 1.5 lbs    
R Value 13.11 17.5 19 24    
Vapor barrier lining 2 mill 6 mill 6 mill 8 mill    
Aluminium frame 20 caliber 20 caliber 20 caliber 20 caliber    
Inside liner Mesh Mesh Mesh Energy shield    
Vinyl 25 oz 25 oz 25 oz 25 oz    
Inside folding Rubber section flanked by two pads Rubber section flanked by two pads Rubber section flanked by two pads and vinyl overlap Full steam stopper and vinyl overlap    
Lifter protection Double stitch Double stitch Double stitch Vinyl flap on top    
Handles 2 outside 2 outside 4 outside 4 outside and 2 inside    
Straps 2 4 4 4    
Straps stitching Simple Strap stitch all the way Strap stitch all the way Strap stitch all the way    

Spa lids mutual characteristics

Quality control
Each step, each thread, and each stitch is subject to a double inspection in order to assure an exceptional quality finished product.

ASTM F-1346 Standard
All covers comply with the standards of the ASTM security manual.

Custom made cover
Our experienced manufacturers create custom made spa covers that conform in all ways to your specifications for size and style. With a margin of error of less than 0.5” on any measurement, the cover is made with great precision. The covers can be used for new or old spas.

Durable construction
With regular care and maintenance, your hot tub cover can last for years. Each cover comes with instructions on proper maintenance in order to extend the useful life of your product.
The illustrated colors are a reasonable approximation of the available colors of vinyl, however, they can look different in daylight compared to artificial light. They can always be subject to discoloration due to exposure to UV light.

Ecologic product
The cover uses "CFC-free foam". The foam manufacturing process uses steam rather than ozone-depleting Freon agents thus protecting the ozone layer.

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