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Using Fitness Spas to Improve Health: Features to Consider

Features to Consider When Selecting a Fitness Spa

Although many manufacturers feature similar products, there are important features that buyers should consider before selecting a fitness spa for their home.

For instance, buyers will want to make sure the model they are considering has a relatively flat surface in the main exercise area or swim zone, not only to provide the user with a sturdy footing to perform exercise routines but also to provide necessary space for the treadmill swimming and water-based exercise equipment.

Buyers will also want to make sure there are enough exercise fittings located within the spa shell to accommodate multiple pieces of equipment. This will ensure the buyer purchases a fitness spa that will not only provide the best aquatic workout but also deliver the results they want to achieve.

The most common exercise equipment available for today’s fitness spas includes a variety of resistance bands or bungee cord-style accessories. Resistance-band exercises are widely used among health and fitness practitioners for general strength training, conditioning, rehabilitation, or injury prevention. This type of training is also proven to be an ideal method for conditioning cardiovascular systems, as well as strengthening specific muscle groups.

The bands are compact, lightweight, and water-resistant, making them a natural fit for fitness spa exercises. They are designed to be attached, using available clips, to the exercise fittings located inside the spa shell. Aquatic exercise equipment is not always a standard feature in fitness spas, so it is important consumers understand what features and equipment are standard versus optional before selecting a model to purchase.

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