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The Hot Tub Ozone Generator

Our new uses a corona discharge tube to produce a constant concentration of ozone. With its waterproof enclosure, its sleek and beautiful design, a life span of 20,000 hrs, and no need for chip replacement, is the safest, most reliable, and durable ozone generator offered to the spa and hot tub industry.

Ozone is a natural purifier. It is a strong cleaning agent. As it reacts with organics, it oxidizes unpleasant odors, reduces germs, bacteria and viruses. Combined with a spa sanitizer, enhances the quality of the water. Its contribution to the filtering and sanitizing processes results not only in cleaner and clearer water but in shorter maintenance time and minimized chemical use and costs, about 30 to 50% less chlorine and bromine.

For the spa user, really means better quality of water which translates into less irritated eyes, less dry skin sensation, reduced lines and foaming in water, and more enjoyment of his spa.

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