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Jacuzzi New Spa Collection

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Introduces the J-lx Collection

Experience famous Jacuzzi patented-jet hydrotherapy in spas that maximize energy efficiency. Designed and tested in an independently certified chamber, the J-LX and J-LXL with lounge seating minimize your hot tub operating costs.

Fresh styling includes a new, patented top-deck design that eliminates exposed acrylic. Stainless steel accents add a clean, contemporary look, and UV- and weather-resistant materials improve durability. Besides being beautiful, the J-LX spas are all about luxury and ease:

  • Patented FX jets target hard-to-reach hamstrings and calves
  • New cool-down seat eases entry/exit and adds comfort
  • Advanced filtration and circulation keep water cleaner
  • Top-of-the-line Jacuzzi jets and seating enrich the massage experience

The spa is eco-energetic and has a great look. It is a definite new trend.


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