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Cleaning the Spa Filter Cartridge

Steps to Clean Your Spa Filter Cartridge

Turn off the spa and then follow the instructions below:

– Press slightly and turn the filter basket in the opposite direction from clockwise to unlock, then pull the cart and the seat of the cartridge.

– Carefully unscrew the filter cartridge and take it out of the spa.

– Rinse the cartridge with a garden hose. Rotate and separate filter pleats while spraying water to remove as all dirt and debris as possible. Let the filter dry and look for calcium deposits (scaling) or an oil film. If such deposits are identified, thoroughly clean the filter cartridge with a solution of “spa filter cleaner” to break down and remove oils and unwanted deposits. (For greater durability of the filter, soak it regularly.)

CAUTION: Always wear proper eye protection when using chemicals or high-pressure water. Read the instructions on cleaning products and follow the application instructions and safety warnings marked on the label.

– Replace the filter cartridge and then put the basket and the seat cartridge, insert and turn in the direction of the clockwise, position. Then put the spa on.

CAUTION: Never rub the filter cartridge polyester mesh with a brush, as this will cause wear of polyester mesh and its destruction. Never let the pump run the spa or a complete cycle of filtration without a filter cartridge in the compartment of the skimmer. Without using the spa filter cartridge is an invitation to the entry of debris into the plumbing of the spa and void the warranty.

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