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Spa Start Up

September 17, 2010

How to start up your spa?

Prior to filling a spa for the first time, or after a routine draining, you will want to follow this start-up plan to extend water life and performance. If you are following either the Bromine or Chlorine “Clear Water Plans”, you will notice that both start-up processes are the same with the exception of Step 7. As with all chemical dosages listed in these “Clear Water Plans”, start-up dosages are intended for 500-gallon spas. Please adjust the chemical dosages to the capacity of your particular spa.

Start Up Clean surface of spa with Cal Spas “Multi-Purpose Cleaner”.
Apply a protective coat of Cal Spas “Fast Sheen” to the acrylic surface.
Fill spa to proper water level with normal tap water (Do not use soft water)
Use test strip and balance the spa water:
Adjust total alkalinity (acceptable range is 80-120ppm),
Then adjust pH if necessary. (between 7.2 to 7.8)
Pour in 16 oz of Cal Spas “Metal Protector” to center of spa.
Add either Bromine or Chlorine (According to your preferred plan)

Add 2 oz of Cal Spas “Go Brom” to establish a bromine base.
Add 2 Cal Spas “Bromine Tablets” to Bromine Floater.
Set floater opening at #2.

Add two tablespoons of Cal Spas “Chorine Granules” to the spa water.
Sprinkle 2 oz of Cal Spas “Oxidizer Shock” in the center of the spa and turn on jets for 15 minutes. Leave spa uncovered during this time.
Put cover on spa and allow to heat up to desired temperature.