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Spa covers with speakers

May 23, 2012

A spa cover made for speakers  

Do you have speakers? Do you need a new spa cover? Custom Spa Cover can custom make your new cover according to your specifications.

Suggestion: Do not throw away your old cover mainly because it would be easier to directly take the measurements on the inside liner  (the one facing the water)!

In step 2 "Shape": You have to select the shape "square / rectangle with round corners." I suggest you take the radius directly on the outside acrylic of your spa using a carpenter's square. (image)

If you have two speakers, you can take the radius directly on the corner of your cover that doesn't have a speaker with the radius chart or a carpenter's square.

In step 3 "Options":  You must pay attention to section 3.10 "CUTTING". There is an additional charge of $ 80 per 2 speakers and $ 160 for 4. Then, you must select the image that represents the cover and enter your measurements.

Since we want to make sure all information are good, we have one additional step. After processing your order, we will do mathematical calculations and provide you with a drawing for your approval. This step is necessary to reassure you as we are aware that purchasing a spa cover is a great purchase.

ps. Do not forget to indicate the brand, model and year of the spa at the appropriate location when ordering. ;)