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Spa covers and UV rays!

July 18, 2012

My spa cover was really exposed to UV rays, how do I protect my new cover?

You have noticed that your old vinyle seemed to dry up by the sun?

We have 2 options for you to make sure it won't happen again with your new cover:

1) You can get our "Premium" material instead of the usual leather. This material is more resistant to cold (it will keep its flexibility) and to uv rays. It only comes in four color for the modest amounts of $ 50 (plus tax). You will be able to select it in the third step of the order when you choose your color.

2) You can opt for cover cap 12". This durable woven polyethilene cover cap offers great cover protection against hars weather. It is held by rubber bands and will be done to custom fit your spa cover. It sells for $ 65 (plus tax) but is often discounted. You will be able to select it in the fourth step of the order.