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Spa covers and security measures

August 06, 2012

To enjoy the most of your spa while being Safe and to protect your loved ones, there are certain security measures you must observed.

These measures will also extend the life of your spa cover

  • Never stand on the cover.
  • Never walk on the cover.
  • Never allow children or pets to play on the spa cover.
  • Manipulate the cover with care when you remove it from the spa.
  • Avoid sudden forceful movements. Children should never be permitted in the spa without adult supervision.
  • Gases produced by the breakdown of chemical products will be trapped under the cover unless the cover is opened to vent the gases. If the gases are not vented, this will cause reduced cover lifespan. These gases attack the layer protecting the interior foam. Eventually the foam absorbs humidity from the spa and becomes very heavy. This type of damage is not covered by the guarantee.
  • Use of tie‐down straps is mandatory, and they should be inserted into clips when the spa is not in use.
  • Custom Spa Cover is not responsible for drownings or injuries/accidents related to manipulation or usage of the spa cover.