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Hot Tub Maintenance

September 10, 2010

Regardless of which “Clear Water Plan” you are using, you should also do the following

Every Month

1. Deep clean your spa’s filter. (Follow “filter cleaning” instruction at beginning of “ClearnWater Plan”)
2. Check inside the equipment area for leaks, rodents, and insects.
3. If a leak is discovered, contact your Cal Spas dealer for service.
4. If you see evidence of rodents or insects, take necessary actions to remove them and precautions to prevent them from returning.

Every 3 To 4 Months

1. Drain and clean your spa with “Multi-Purpose Cleaner”.
2. Polish the acrylic surface with “Fast Sheen”.
3. Clean and treat spa cover, pillows, and Cal Select cabinet (if equipped) with “Cover Protector”.
4. When re-filling your spa, follow your specific “Clear Water Plan” Start Up procedures.
5. If you are using the Cal Clarity Automatic Bromine Generator Clear Water Plan, don’t forget to add new TRU BLU sodium bromide to the water.
6. If you use the Cal Inline Sanitation System “Clear Water Plan”, don’t forget to replace the Mineral and Bromine Cartridges.

Once A Year

1. Clean and treat redwood spa cabinets and gazebos with “Nu-Spa Redwood Stain Renew and Brightner”.
2. If you use the Cal Zone Quest 2000 Ozonator, you will need to replace the ozone cartridge.
3. Check the filter cartridge pleats. If they are frayed, replace the cartridge.