Custom Spa Cover specializes in manufacturing custom-made spa covers. Our mission is to provide a simple, fast and effective way to replace an existing hot tub cover. As you can see from our order form, we award great value to details so that your new cover fits perfectly to your spa.

Custom Spa Cover is also a key resource of knowledge. We put a lot of energy into keeping you informed and providing you with great tips, either for your spa maintenance or repair. 

Custom Spa Cover was instigated by a Quebec company dedicated in the field of swimming pools and spas since several years.  The expertise gained during these years has enabled us to develop one of the best online custom-made cover design service. Our covers are made in Ontario to the highest industry standards. 

In addition to offering you the finest materials available on the market, Custom Spa Cover is proud to offer you the fastest conceptionand shipping time in order to provide the best service possible.
Finally, one of the most important elements of our commitment to our customers is to offer an impeccable service and telephone support at all times.

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